28 November, 2010

III: Nettle

Here are some images of my latest Nettle Fiber capsule/project; in a wee bit amateurish backyard-installation-gone-awry. Ha. Anyway, the pieces are a continuation of HANDMADE IV; showing a further exploration of 100% natural plant fibers. Here, they've been treated in small naturally dyed batches (Indigo and Berry), where the unintentional changes and inconsistencies in colour mingle with intentional sun bleached and bleached details.

Nettle, a summer-friendly fiber, can easily be worn, once treated appropriately over time; so the pieces will tend to get deliciously softer and more malleable with each wear and wash.

Only SIX limited pieces made to sell.
-All currently displayed and available at Miss Crabb.

Summer has gloriously arrived -Enjoy!


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