27 May, 2013

XXXXX: Sound Tracks (Pt. I)

A selection of songs and albums that are played while I knit. There are many.

-Love, A.

XXXXIX: Press: Sunday Magazine

From a series of two, "Generation V" is a sweater which features panels of different custom-treated yarns; some hand-felted and organically dyed, in wool and alpaca. 

It was featured (top row, left) in The Sunday Star Times' Sunday Magazine.


XXXXVIII: Press: Canvas Magazine

Transmission Skirt in Grey Wool was featured (on look #1) in The New Zealand Herald's Canvas Magazine. 

Styled by Dan Ahwa.


06 May, 2013

XXXXVII: Press: Verve Magazine

From a limited series of four, "Botanical Scarf III" features a hand-embroidered motif of the Lavendula Augustifolia plant.

It was featured in the latest issue of Verve Magazine. 

Thank you, Paris Mitchell.