18 March, 2013



Yves Klein, Leap into the Void
Photograph by Harry Shunk & Janos Kender 

04 March, 2013

XXXXII: A 2013 Preview

Here are some detail images of garments -both knit as well as woven, from my 2013 collection. The work will no longer bear the title "Handmade," anymore, as those previous concepts have shifted and grown. This project still includes my previous stand-alone artisan work. However, it also has several new aesthetic standpoints, ideas and sartorial notes to bring forth.

Hand knitted lambswool, with silk and cotton thread embroidery.

Beetroot and tea dyed felted wool yarn.

Reappearance of sari silk yarns.

Wovens: Crépe de chine, tea-stained muslin, raw linen, wool piqué and felt. 

The precedent 2013 lookbook will be released shortly.


03 March, 2013

XXXXI: Return

After a hiatus from creating any work, it appears now that I have returned. Over the last few months, there have been several changes in general goals, which have shaped current perspectives.

Expect to see work in the next few weeks that looks both, retrospectively (addressing my hand crafted artisan fixation), as well as ahead. It is a slow resuscitation, so I’ll be taking my good old sweet time as always; garnishing the old with some of the new. But most importantly, in hopes of demonstrating growth, development and a process of evolution. Here's to the future.


P.S. it's certainly good to be back.