16 November, 2010

Here it is: The much-procrastinated First Blog Entry

Having begun with considerable anxiety concerning what this blog may imply, it would suit to begin with clear directness. Here are its intentions and purposes:

One – Hedonistic gratification.
Two – To provide a news supplement for my knitwear projects.
Three – (This is the most difficult one to admit) To act somewhat as an inspiration journal.

Who knows how long this may last, but I do hope to include weekly (or at least fortnightly) updates on the work I do; along with illustrations of what I find aesthetically charged at each time.

So to officially begin; here is something I wrote quite a while ago, but feel as though it appropriately applies today.

Internalised evocations of the sublime, into which one may be immersed:
The way I see it, the world of fashion lives on a tiny, slowly dissolving capsule crowded with figures. All of whom, evoke certain sensibilities in accordance to work aesthetically intertwined with the past (but many tending to forget this very fact). The essence of this appeal today, aside from being intrinsically personal, lies within the fragmentation from being merely culturally and socially imposed. There is a recollective instinct that determines how one may react to certain types of beauty; thus deeming this ‘aesthetic charge’ as defined by none other than the internalised past.

Titian's Venus of Urbino

A repudiation of past values, while still referencing them in Manet's Olympia

Yasumasa Morimura makes the aesthetically ignored aspects of Manet's work visible

Like a palimpsest of intertextual references, think of it as a vinyl record with layers of meaning between the apparent cracks. The memory subliminally alerts one with justifications of how, why and when something can be considered an object of beauty. Now off you go, to experience what only you may.

My very best: To the past, and the future
-Areez Katki


  1. i love seeing your thoughts areez xxxx

  2. Thank you, bravely anonymous person, for the much appreciated warm welcome to blogging.

  3. Areez, you're my cunt :)