24 December, 2010

VII: In Bloom

Summer Editorial for So Much To Tell You: featuring HANDMADE IV Nettle Fiber tops, Penny Sage Dress (both @ Miss Crabb) and some magnificent Zora Boyd jewellery from Wunderkammer (some of which hopefully sits under my tree this year)

Styled by Pebbles Hooper

Season's Greetings!


14 December, 2010

VI: NO Magazine, Issue 12

A few of the white pieces from my current range HANDMADE IV have appeared, to my delight,  in the current Anywhere issue of NO. The images effectively demonstrate their spring/summer wearability; being predominantly made of raw and recycled silk fibers.

Apart from grabbing my attention for obvious reasons, the editorial (featuring model Vilma Putriute) presents effortlessly composed images, which atone for their predominantly narrative nature -An element in fashion photography that I wish we saw more of.

These were:
Photographed by Karen Inderbitzen-Waller
And Styled by Zara Mirkin

Thanks, to you both.


12 December, 2010

V: More Past Press

 Here are a few more editorial press moments from last year :


Images From/Styled By:
No Magazine - Zara Mirkin
Remix Magazine - Dan Ahwa
Pulp Magazine - Sonia Greenslade
Simply You - Natalie Bridges
Canvas (Weekend Herald) - Alice Rycroft

Many thanks to all those mentioned above, and more.


07 December, 2010

IV: Past Press

For the past couple of years, there has been considerable 'slackishness' on my part, concerning the documentation of press and other such PR aspects. Now that I've got some (but not too much) free time, I've been trying to gather all that past press coverage. Some of it unfortunately can't be found or remembered, but most of it is here:

Bits of old press from the Internet that I found. There will be more to come; hopefully when I get my scanner fixed and can thus start working on recording some printed publications (Or knowing how technologically challenged I am, possibly coax someone to do it of me
! -Any takers?) Anyhow, do feel free to click on the images below for some links.