23 November, 2010

II: Swing Tags

 The intrinsic message from maker to buyer (designer to customer etc), without being the live garment itself, is the Swing Tag and/or Label. The ones I've produced myself, utilize nifty tools such as a customised rubber stamp, Twinings Earl Grey tea, Bockingford Watercolour paper, printed stickers (scanned in my handwriting), hole punch and a Staedtler fine pigment liner. The swing tag includes integral information through which a potential customer may see in depth, the of detail and uniqueness of each limited piece. They also include this season's watercolour woodblock print; which features a tree made of bones and the name of the collection (HANDMADE IV).

Other information available inside each tag/booklet :

    * The title/name and type of garment
    * Individual Date, on which the piece was finished
    * A chart of its fiber composition and treatment
    * Care instructions

These particular tags in tea stained paper will be featured on each of the new Nettle Fiber pieces that I've created -There are only SIX pieces of this small capsule; in a slightly lower price point, while still retaining the integrity of each garment in being cohesive with its adjoining range and more than anything, its uniqueness.

The Nettle Fiber pieces are naturally dyed in two new colours; including improvised shapes and features, such as gussets, thin straps with bleached ends and loosely hand stitched darts. This exquisitely summer-friendly fiber will take shape in the from of cropped tops, loose singlet tops, dress and jumper

-All available, shortly this week, at Miss Crabb.

(And new images will be up soon, so keep your eye out for them!)