13 October, 2012

XXXX: Botanical Motifs

As a small token of appreciation for all those who have supported my work over the years, I decided to somewhat enhance the swing tags for HANDMADE VII -Possibly my last collection for a while, now. Some may remember that I usually make and fill in each garment's tag with details such as title, garment type, date of completion, fiber composition and treatment information. Plus, a woodcut print limited to each collection.

For this collection, I delved further into watercoloured botanical drawings. Each tag will feature individually rendered watercolour motifs. There are two types in fact, that I created. One is an olive wreath encircling tea roses and lisianthus, with tea-stained detail. The other is a wandering jew encircling blue cornflowers and pale hydrangeas, with subtle red wine staining work. I hope that they may be appreciated for both their aesthetic appeal, as well as the layers of meaning.

P.S. - The red wine and tea ring stains on the back of each card needn't be excused; they were completely intentional.

Thank you.


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