28 July, 2012

XXXIX: A Closer Look at Handmade VII

The following images display a few of the limited hand knitted pieces which were produced for Winter/Spring 2012. The collection is now all in store at Miss Crabb. 

For these selected few, I have decided to share some writing; delving into the conception of ideas and the processes of creation.

Date of Completion : 30.03.2012

This Creme sweater is one from a short series of garments that were initially attributed with sets of unique linear formulae; resulting in levels of apparent wefts, warps and cables. The idea was to create an ephemeral grid within the confined space of a garment. Each surface has an overall textuality achieved through randomness. It is now forgotten and potentially never to be replicated. 

Fibers Used:
Virgin Wool
Cellulose Rayon

"Tincture I"
Date of Completion : 15.06.2012

A looseness in the patterned textuality is apparent here; complying with the inherent texture and tonality of natural treatment. The rarities here lie also with the treatment of the fibers used to produce this sleeveless tunic piece. The wool has been hand-felted into thick yarn, from raw form. The colour was achieved through the process of firstly cultivating one's own organic beetroot crop, harvesting it and then creating a concentrate through a series of experiments. This resulted in wool that was hand dyed in extremely limited batches. The lower half of the garment consists of bespoke hand-felted raw tussah silk, spun with organic tussah ribbon for reinforcement.

Fibers Used:
Pure Wool
Tussah Silk

"Le Flagon"
Date of Completion : 10.04.2012

The sweater above is from the same series of abstracted surfaces. Here, having derived it's randomly cabled and 'weaving' pattern from yet a different linear formula. The clashing double-plyed yarn colours were a retrospective look at my earlier collections, "Handmade I" and "Handmade II." 

Fibers Used:

"Generation IV"
Date of Completion : 06.05.2012

"Generation V"
Date of Completion : 18.05.2012

A series of short-sleeved jumpers that explored the juxtapositions of colour and texture. 
Resulting in variations of abstracted and fragmented surfaces. 

An assortment of Fibers were used:

"These Days"
Date of Completion : 24.01.2012 

This multiple paneled top was another exploration of shape and texture. 
It consists of felted wool yarn that was naturally hand-dyed in separate, limited batches over time.

Treatments include:
Darjeeling Tea
Beetroot and Camellia Blossom
Green Tea and Olive Leaf Extract
Charcoal and Magnesium Sulphate

.   .   .

For more information regarding such work, feel free to post questions 
or simply come by Miss Crabb on a Sunday. Thank you.

Photography Credit: Leilani Heather


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