30 January, 2011

X: To Dye For

I know that even the idea of touching, feeling (or heaven forbid, having to wear) heavy wool fibers in summer sounds ever so unappealing. However, that is usually the way I manage a/w season production -Which results in my disorientated way of being accustomed to imagining and creating winter garments, while it is still very very warm.

Next season will include a rather decadent wool blend, with abundant texture, volume and weight. The rather exciting side of it (which I simply couldn't wait to share) is that most of the wool fibers featured, will be hand dyed and treated by yours truly!

The fibers will be dyed here at home, in small batches and treated with natural, home-ground dyes.  

Tea, turmeric, charcoal and olive leaf extract, are just a few of the many natural sources with which I've been experimenting.

Here are images of some early sample dye tests:

*The images above only show initial and raw stages of treatment, before production. 
There have been many fruitful outcomes since! Stay tuned.

Looking forward to a beautiful winter season


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