11 January, 2011

IX: Zine Lutefisk

 Just found some new editorial press; in the third, Kiwi Issue of Zine Lutefisk

COV Jumper 3:
Experiment with Tea, 
Muslin and Silk : I

This particular piece is rather special to me for the following reasons:
I- It is made (almost entirely) of pure cotton muslin, which I stripped, treated and skeined by hand.
II- This is the muslin I personally brought from a Zoroastrian-garb tailor in India, when I was there last year.
III- There is some tea-stained silk jersey in this jumper, which I removed from an "unsuccessful" project that took me approximately 8 hours to construct and around 5 minutes to dismantle.

It now resides in Children of Vision where they take good care of it, before it finds a nice new home.

The images above were styled by:
Atip Wananuruks


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