16 April, 2011

XIV: To Make Up for Lost Time (Part I)

I am well aware of my shabbiness when it comes to all this 'communication through technology.' So here are some images from/about the past months, that reflect on my endeavors during the period. I'll probably keep doing this, since it is rather nicely succinct and quite self-explanatory: Enjoy!

Other small updates:

- I will shortly post some coverage and work that I was involved in for the Auckland issue of I Heart Magazine. 

  This should include editorial images and the amazingly talented team I worked with.

- Images from the soon-to-be-shot look book for my next collection, HANDMADE V;
  along with fragments of literature that it was inspired by.

- A new multimedia project, combining poetry with knitting, crochet and embroidery.

- New puppies I have been introduced to (actually so far, just one)

- General university life -Ohh bliss

Hope everybody has been having a marvelous year, so far
-Here's to amazing things that should keep us warm this coming winter!



  1. For someone majoring in creative writing and with a very decorative writing style you don't even know how to spell contemporary... RE: the 'Orientalism' work page.

  2. comment above is pathetic.